Accepting Payments Online

Clientary allows your clients to conveniently pay you online. To enable this feature, you'll need to turn on payment integration. For this, we integrate with many third parties, including PayPal, Authorize.Net and Stripe.

Please note that all third party payment processors will charge a fee for transactions handled online. These fees are not controlled by Clientary so it's up to you to understand and make room for the fees of your particular payment processor. Also, keep in mind that some payment processors are only available in certain countries.

To offset the cost of fees, Clientary gives you an option to add a transaction fee to your invoices. This means that if the client chooses to pay you online, you can add convenience fee of x% to your invoice to cover for the online transaction fees. When using the transaction fees feature, please be aware of any regulations, local laws, or agreements with your payment process or merchant vendor that may be violated by adding a surcharge related to credit card payments.

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